Thursday, October 24, 2013

Near Normal.....

All four of my clients kept their appointments yesterday and it was a time of blessings and sharing God's Word. One client had been hunting for a job for many months and had good news to report. She had been offered a position and guess why? Because she refused to work on Sunday! She explained to the prospective employer that she believed that Sunday was for church attendance and solely the Lord's day....he was so impressed he hired her and paid her above the original wage offered! Praise God for his faithfulness!

I was wiped out when I came home and feeling a bit poorly.  Certainly just my body winding down from a stressful week. I fell asleep on the couch for over an hour and reluctantly missed prayer meeting.

Better when I awoke after 9 hours sleep and had a good morning at the homeless shelter with Becky. Errands for the afternoon, a dog walk but then back in pj's by 7:30.

Another sweet and thoughtful surprise arrived from Cheryl and Tami.....a huge "cookie" bouquet. A floral type arrangement of large, beautifully decorated cookies with thoughtful messages accompanied by a box of amazingly delicious individually wrapped treats. I just can't say enough grateful I am for the love and support we have received.  Writing  "thank yous" for all the sweet kindnesses of family and friends.

Thank You Lord for this life and the promise of the next......

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