Friday, October 4, 2013


A day in the kitchen preparing food for tomorrow. My mom is expecting about 30 people for this drop-in celebration .....a lot of snacks to be served! We avoided inviting children .... my dad just can't handle the hyperactivity any more but I'm hoping that even that many adults won't be too much for him in his frail condition.

All the serving gear and decorations are loaded in the car.....just the cold stuff needs to go in the cooler in the morning. It was a full day just with this but in between we did get in a walk and I cleaned the downstairs too. Thom worked on the cars and cut grass. After dinner he headed to a high school football game with a neighbor. I'm ready to relax with a few Andy Griffith reruns.

On the go weekend ahead......asking God's blessings for my dad as he heads toward the 90 year mark.....

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