Sunday, October 13, 2013

Need To Unwind.....

Up and off to SS and late service.....slept in a little bit! I must admit I am not wild about the contemporary theme, too much like entertainment with a sermon squished in the middle. Just not my idea of what worship should be but I guess if it is true to the Lord  and draws people to hear the Word it must have a place.

After lunch I drove to Gastonia and deposited Brian with his Uncle Steve to await the return of his aunt, mom and sister from their trip to Iowa. It was a quick turn around and I was back home in time to gather the goodies and hop in the car for the ride back to church.

We conducted our 3rd "Not a Fan" study tonight and it was great. So much to think about as each day we try to become more committed followers of Christ.

Ready to decompress after a hectic few days......

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