Thursday, December 26, 2013

#2, 3, 4 And 5.......

Christmas Eve at the Bishops.....had a blast! Carson and Lylah are just precious. Colleen prepared yummy appetizers and we enjoyed Chinese cuisine followed by a ton of high calorie but delicious desserts. We opened gifts, played and bathed in Christmas cheer!

Our late candle light service was sweet as always.....keeping the truth of this holiday in the forefront. Sleep didn't come till after one a.m. and the alarm blared at 6:30.

Christmas was officially here and Thom and I spent a brief time with fresh coffee and our own gift exchange. I was blessed with wonderful thoughtful gifts and hopefully Thom will enjoy his as well. Off to Rock Hill at 8:15 for breakfast with the Carney clan. The kids are adorable and our visit was a terrific way to begin our holiday. By noon we were on our way to North Carolina. An additional stop this year at the rehab facility to have a mini Christmas with my aunt. We arrived and not long after the Kahns made an appearance along with my mom. Since Stefanie was our hostess for the day she had spent Christmas Eve there sharing egg nog and treats with the "patient". It was a good visit and we left her in great spirits in spite of the situation.

Finally landed at the Tarantinos where Stefanie did her usual excellent job of preparing dinner. Kids, gifts and wrapping paper everywhere. Electronics were the theme and the kiddies spent their time playing games and enjoying their new "toys".

Full to bursting we headed home and crashed!

Thank you sweet Lord for coming to this earth and giving Your life to save mine. Thank You for family and friends......countless blessings.....

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