Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas #1......

Thom and I had a fun time squished in Becky's office wrapping Christmas gifts from donors destined for the resident children. We finally headed back home at noon to lunch and a bit more baking.

Pretty soon it was time to pick up pizzas and join the Wylies for our Christmas with them. Harper is just the cutest little thing! With the older kiddies getting gift cards the wrapped gifts were limited to Harper's toys but it was fun opening them and sharing a meal and some conversation. It was an early night since Jenn's schedule had her up at 5 a.m..

Back home to a Ranger game for Thom and another pair of desserts to bake. Only one more planned treat and that will wait till Friday in preparation of Kahn Christmas. I'll enjoy the short break from the oven.

Ready to relax, not too long till bedtime......

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