Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday was a wonderful day at CPC. One of my clients re-enlisted in the program after being absent since of the sweetest girls with a precious 13 month old. It was soooo good to see her. My afternoon client gave me the greatest gift......she has set a wedding date! The entire building rejoiced at the news and we all invited ourselves to the wedding and insured our involvement in all things nuptial. Finally the Lord has directed her heart to live in His will and I am so blessed that He allowed me to be a small part of influencing that decision.

It was Christmas Fruit Bag night at prayer service. Tons of Christmas music, laughter and even Santa and Mrs. Claus appearing to share the Christmas story with the children. Yummy treats too!

From sunup to sundown I never left the kitchen today. Christmas baking galore! Thom golfed and with his days winnings he volunteered to purchase a BiLo roast chicken so I could avoid one more load of dishes and the labor of a meal. My thanks to him. More to do but that's for another day.

Stopping to count God's blessings and the goodness of my life......

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