Thursday, December 12, 2013

Flown By.....

Let's see......

Tuesday I visited a sweet friend in the hospital and headed up to Gastonia. I spent time with my mom, briefly visited the Kahn's and by 3:30 was picking up Brian and Emmy to take them Christmas shopping. Deep dish from Lil Caesar's and time with Stefanie then homeward bound.

Thom spent the day at church meetings organizing an upcoming missions conference being hosted by Holston Creek. He spent his evening at Miracle Hill serving dinner to the homeless men and gathering with other male church members to conduct a bible study .

Great Tuesday for us both!

Wednesday was CPC and golfing followed by prayer meeting and a brief conference with the pastor and SS director mapping out a new SS class that Thom will be teaching....can't wait! Circumstances took an unexpected turn on the way home when I caught up on my phone messages. Janice informed me that my aunt had taken a nasty fall down some stairs and was in the hospital with a fractured heel and a broken hip!
Once home we conferred with her and then my mom to ascertain the specifics. By that point my aunt had been admitted and both of them were home anticipating surgery bright and early this morning. we are at Thursday with a 5 a.m. alarm and a 6:30 departure for Gaston Memorial. We spent the entire day there but were greatly rewarded with a seamless surgical procedure of 90 minutes and my aunt coming through with flying colors. She will be fitted with a boot for her heel and with a brand new titanium "ball" in her hip socket, will spend a few days on the wards and likely 2 weeks in a nearby rehab facility. Praying for a speedy and pain free recovery.

The Lord is good. We praise Him in all things......

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