Friday, January 24, 2014


Most importantly sweet Dot is still battling the results of her stroke but hopefully coming home today with planned in-home therapy.Bleeds are being treated with meds but functional use of her right hand is still illusive. Praying for her recovery.

Wednesday was a good CPC day but no golf for Thom due to extreme cold.

Thursday I attended a new fitness program CPC has initiated for clients, staff and volunteers. The Daniel Plan for healthy body, mind and spirit includes the most important component of all.....God's presence throughout. A bit too extreme in the menu area but I'm determined to make a permanent change in eating habits and drop these nasty 10 pounds that haunt me .....I want to have eating healthy become a way of life not a daily struggle. Accountability and fellowship will be the answer. Thom is on board (for the most part) so hopefully the contents of our pantry/refrigerator will change from fat and salty to lean and nutritious.

Super cold today so we are hibernating by the fire. We filed our taxes this morning so we are making good use of our indoor time. In line with our new fitness commitment we ordered ourselves new bikes and a car rack to transport them. I have always loved riding but we gave our bikes away to the kids a few years ago. It is so hilly around our home it was impossible for me to enjoy peddling the neighborhood. Now we can just load them on the rack and go to a nearby trail. Can't wait!

Heading upstairs for indoor riding and walking right now.....

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