Sunday, January 26, 2014

Party Time.......

Brrrrrrrr.....cold yesterday but fun family times kept us warm.

Beginning with Brady's basketball game the day moved on to Olivia's birthday party. Thom, Steve and Brady visited my mother and aunt to work on some chores while I helped out with the festivities. Olivia's friends decorated their own aprons which they then donned for mixing and baking cupcakes and cut out sugar cookies. I made an "apron" birthday cake and the party closed with chocolate binging and gifts. Fun girl stuff.

The rest of the family gathered later for dinner and celebrating. Stefanie, Thom and I took an hour or so away to attend Brian's basketball game. What a difference a year makes......he played with confidence and aggressiveness. Loved it.

Finished the outing with coffee and sweets.

Good morning service and SS. A slight break in the chill but we decided to bike indoors once again for our exercise.  Looking forward to an interesting and challenging class tonight.and hopefully a Ranger win this afternoon as they play outdoors in Yankee stadium.

Sweet times.....

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