Thursday, January 30, 2014

Power Off And On......

Strange morning. A few seconds after we woke at 7:30 the power went off.....ugh! It returned 2 hours later after a cup of lame instant coffee heated over our tiny sterno. Our lights lasted only a few moments and were gone again......this time till well after noon.

Although schools were closed, by midday the roads were fine for travel and I went to the mission to catch up on some work. Thom busied himself assembling my new bike and repairing our stationery bike upstairs. He also wanted to stay close to home in case we had another power glitch and needed to keep the fire going.

Returning home, we relaxed briefly and shortly after 4 headed to Jennifers with pizza and birthday cake. Thom completed her taxes for her and we visited for a bit. Harper is so cute and seems to be growing so fast.

Ready for bed......

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