Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sleep Deprived......

I set out yesterday morning for a day and overnight in Gastonia. Thom had golfing plans and originally a dinner engagement at Colleen's (sadly cancelled with sweet little Lylah feeling poorly).

I spent a few hours with my mom and aunt then traveled to Stefanie's house to supervise the kiddies while she was gone overnight for a bank meeting in Greensboro. Janice, Olivia and Brady joined us for dinner and a special treat. We went to see "Frozen"....very cute! A super fun time.

When bedtime came I was tuckered and the three of us hit the hay before 11. For reasons unknown sleep evaded me till 3 a.m.. The alarm was set for 7 and I was exhausted as I began the day.

Emily got off to a scheduled birthday party and Brian and I went to cheer Brady playing basketball. I left him in the capable care of his Uncle Steve and headed home. Almost napped on the way.....not a good thing!

Thom and I took an energizing walk but the recliner is calling my name.....

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