Sunday, February 2, 2014

An Oversight.......

In my semi-conscious state yesterday when I posted this little blog I neglected to share a story of how the Lord provides for our every need if we would only take notice. Just a small thing but.....The Tarantino household does not drink coffee and it is a minor project to unshelve the pot and hunt down the little used can of java so in my lack of sleep laziness I reheated the 2 gulps of cold brew that had been sitting in my McDonald's cup overnight. Not very good. I planned to call Janice and ask her to bring a cup for me to the game from her Keurig but I forgot. I decided to stop at McDonalds on the way but zipped past the restaurant in my haste to arrive at the game on time. Ugh! I could foresee many caffeine free hours foreshadowing the inevitable "withdrawal headache". Oh no! Our dear Lord knew of my dilemma......we walked into the church gymnasium and for the very first time the youth group was fundraising during the games.......a concession table......and what was in the forefront? Fresh, hot, high octane coffee!!!! Tangible proof........God provides! Even our smallest most insignificant of needs .....He is there for us!

As for today, early service and SS and about to head out on a nice walk to beat out the forecast of showers. "gods of war" tonight. Going to be a blessed day!

Thankful to my God for His loving care......

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