Sunday, February 9, 2014


Another day in North Carolina yesterday. Pretty typical.....time at my mom's, time at my aunt's, the company of Olivia for the afternoon while Janice, Steve and Brady helped a friend move. Stefanie joined us and by dinner time we headed for a quick McDonalds and the basketball courts. Emmy played great and her team won, Brian was excellent but his team couldn't pull out a victory. The Kahns cheered with us for the second game then we hit the road for home.

Thom has been battling a cold which he generously shared with me. When the alarm rang this morning we had both been hacking away all night and made the decision to stay put and listen to preaching from a local pastor on TV. Not quite the same but we didn't take a chance of spreading our germs and annoying the congregation with wheezing and coughing. Plan to just relax and stay warm for the day and be better suited for our class tonight.

Feeling yucky......

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