Saturday, March 8, 2014

Heavy Hearts......

We had to say goodbye to our sweet, fun loving and cherished Nugget yesterday morning. Her illness had taken it's toll and although her tail still wagged and her love shown through , we knew the time had come.

No words can express my sadness.

Unfortunately we had in our possession tickets to the long awaited Ranger hockey game in Raleigh (one of Thom's Christmas gifts) and although neither of us could muster up much enthusiasm we drove the 4 hours to attend the game. Heavy rains, snow and traffic reinforced our somber mood and it was quite the stressful trip.

Bolstered a bit by a Ranger victory, the game was enjoyable. We arrived home after 1 a.m. exhausted.

Bright sunshine to lift our spirits this morning.....focusing on transitioning Divot to "only dog" status and ourselves to the absence of Nugget's joyful lunacy.


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