Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Issues........

My normal Tuesday took a different turn. Thom and I spent the morning at CPC counting donation money returned in the "baby bottle boomerang" fundraiser. Always a fun time working at CPC.

Evening found us attending a "movie" premiere in Greenville. A short film supporting the "pro life" cause. This local production dramatically poses the question "what is the difference" when one character is charged with murder for the shooting death of an unborn baby at 4 months of pregnancy while another character is legally ending the life of an infant of equal gestational age by abortion. Quite the effective argument. Hopefully this film will make it's way into churches and secular arenas promoting the rethinking of pro choice positions.

Full day of 4 clients at CPC today and a good turnout st the course for Thom's seniors. A quick dinner and prayer meeting.

Decisions coming soon......

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