Friday, March 21, 2014

Lots Of Sharing......

On occasion CPC offers an in service training session to keep volunteers updated on various issues that impact our ministry. Wednesday was one of those meetings. Two guest speakers reviewed the current legislative climate and passed along information regarding the new counseling service that will be available to our clients. We enjoyed lunch at an inner city church and the Pastor shared the impact this new church is having in the most dangerous community in Spartanburg. Hopefully, armed with this knowledge we can refer some of our unchurched clients to this expanding and diverse church. I am considering the possibility of volunteering there to work weekly mentoring children in desperate need of focus and direction......will pray about it.

After my 2 afternoon clients I headed up I 85 to spend the night with Janice and the kiddies. Fun time. With the kids off to school Thursday morning Janice and I took a 4 mile was great. We met Stefanie for lunch and by 3:00 I was on my way home.

Thom had accomplished much on his spring prep list so after an easy dinner we relaxed the evening away.

He golfed again today and I was immersed in laundry and cleaning. We walked with Divot and later I grabbed a giant trash bag and set out policing our road. We hadn't done litter pickup in a while and it was quite a job.  Thom mowed the lawn and once again after dinner we were ready for down time.

Busy weekend ahead......

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