Tuesday, March 18, 2014


With 8 other emissaries on behalf of CPC, Thom and I drove to Columbia to the State House to meet with legislators regarding the Pain Capable bill (H4223) up for a vote before the House of Representatives. I had never been within these government walls and it was a pretty cool experience. Unfortunately, the vote on the bill, which would prevent any abortion at 20 plus weeks, was once again postponed. So....instead of assembling in the house chamber during the vote we gathered at the ropes and "lobbied". We requested a brief audience with each representative who was as yet uncommitted to a "yes" vote and asked for their support in it's passage. In my wildest dreams I never pictured myself as a "lobbiest"! The representatives who met with us were quite cordial and supportive of the legislation. As of now it is scheduled for a vote tomorrow.....with God's help it will pass the House and move to the Senate......another hurdle.

Passage of this bill is so important in the recognition of "personhood" for the unborn. I find it incomprehensible that any one could deny the scientific evidence of the existence of pain in a 20 week baby. This baby at 16 weeks has all their organs  formed and able to function (although obviously at minimal capability) and will recoil at pain (witnessed through ultrasounds). Praying for open minds and softened hearts.

Home by dinner time and managed to take a walk with Divot and stretch our legs a bit.......

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