Saturday, April 26, 2014

Breakfast Candles......

We celebrated  my mother's 89th birthday starting with "birthday muffins" and breakfast casserole at my aunt's house mid-morning. The family dispersed for a few hours as Brady had a soccer game and Emily had volleyball practice. Thom and I took my mom to Charlotte where we wandered the streets like tourists and visited the main library (her choice of places to see). The Kahns joined us about 12:30 and we enjoyed a beautiful day walking the pristine streets of this lovely city. Come 2 o'clock we were joined by Stefanie and Brian at the Rock Bottom restaurant for a late lunch. The food was good and everyone had their fill before we strolled the thoroughfares once again before heading home.

We dropped my mother off about 5:15 and managed to get to Camp Carney by 6:30. Thom has been preparing his lesson to teach SS tomorrow. I'm ready for bed.

Good day with family.....

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