Thursday, April 24, 2014

What A Night......

It was an incredible banquet night! Jay Seculow was quite the impressive speaker. He was intelligent, insightful, funny and full of the Holy Spirit as he retold stories of his youth, his conversion to Christ and his challenging career protecting our conservative, Christian values. The hall was festive and beautifully decorated, the food was totally out of this world and the spirit of the evening was inspiring.

Yesterday I joined 2 other volunteers calculating the donation total of this awesome event......$177,000.00!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Thom and I set out this morning to help transport the final loads of banquet props to storage and deliver a lawn mower to a friend in need of one. Busy a.m.. Home to baking for my mother's birthday and catching up on our own home chores.

So thankful for all our many blessings......

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