Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Monday was another in a series of yucky weather days. Not that it effected us......  we spent the afternoon in the hospital having Thom's CT scan done. The processing took some time but the test itself was brief and we were on our way. Shopping for party food and home for a brief while. Our church organist ,who was also our music minister's mother-in-law, past away on Sunday so our early evening was spent at the mortuary.
She was a sweet lady....very sad.

This morning Thom's doctor appointment was at 9:10. We arrived 40 minutes prior and Thom went into the exam area right away. I waited in the general waiting room.......forever! He didn't see the doctor till after 11:00 and we didn't escape the office till 11:30. 3 hours! Good news however.....his CT scan came back fine. They are still concerned with continually finding  trace blood so he is scheduled for one more test when the lab work comes back. Just covering all bases.....

Our afternoon was back at church for the funeral service but we did manage a walk with Divot and some party chores.

Thank You Lord for a good report......

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