Monday, April 7, 2014


I realized this morning that I hadn't written a word since Friday. a nutshell:

Friday was a work/party day in Gastonia. We spent all day playing landscaper and handyman at my mother's house then proceeded to Janice's for a family birthday dinner and celebration for Steve. It was tiring but quite enjoyable.

Thom participated in a full day golf tournament on Saturday while I was home bound but productive.

Yesterday.....chilly Sunday (ugh!) for church and SS. Mr. Fixit shared his skills at our neighbors house installing light fixtures after sharing his Mr. H&R Block skills preparing Stefanie's taxes. I busied myself with party prep and we headed back to church for our evening David Jeremiah study.

Pouring rain this morning. Would be a good day to stay inside but we are off to the hospital for Thom's CT scan near noon.

Praying for cooperative veins.....

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