Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Already.....

Another busy week has become history.

A full day of service at CPC on Wednesday while Thom and his group of oldies golfed.

Thursday Thom had his "procedure" at the urologist and everything is fine. Not due back there for a year....thank You Lord for good reports! We pit stopped at Aldi's and CPC then followed up with a full afternoon of chores.

Yesterday was our Mother's Day Luncheon for CPC EWYL clients. Five of my sweet girls were among the 25 attendees. It's heartwarming to share time with these young moms who are experiencing less than perfect lives. Rarely are they the center of attention and likely never are they catered to, waited on, and generally pampered. They love it! We devoured a delicious lunch and were motivated by a wonderful inspirational speaker. Wonderful!

Today at noon we gathered with a small group of believers in the upper room at Christian Supply Bookstore to join in a special prayer time for our congressman Trey Gowdy. As chair of this newly appointed select committee he has become even more of a target for the left, even receiving death threats. Praying for a hedge of protection around him and his precious family. Also at Christian Supply was Todd Starnes, a significant conservative and Christian voice in the media. He was there for a book signing event but came in to address us briefly before the prayer gathering began. Thom and I had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes afterward .....very cool. Of course we got a photo to commemorate the event! Love meeting my conservative heroes!

From the store we traveled to Millican Park where CPC hosted our 2nd Annual Balloon Launch to commemorate babies lost through miscarriage, abortion or infant death. We were forced to huddle together under 2 canopies while enduring torrential rains and hurricane force winds. Not to be deterred we praised the Lord in song and released our balloons into the stormy sky.

Soaked through to the skin we made a brief stop to drop off items at CPC then home to change into dry clothes and finish the day.

Thank You Lord for the amazing blessings in my life......

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