Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kids Go, Kids Come......

Thom and the boys were on the lake by 7 a.m. yesterday and spent 3 hours floating and casting with a minimal amount of success. They had fun regardless. TJ and Tanner tried again on a smaller scale and took out the pedal boat. Thomas did some chores and helped his Grandpa working on the deck to earn some money for a camp trip this summer. They reunited for a cooling romp in the pool before lunch.

They headed for home and Thom and I freshened up for our SS dinner at the FLC. Good food and a pleasant time that concluded early enough to allow us a quick run to the store.

Service and SS this morning. Tonight is a social gathering to bid farewell to our departing youth minister. We'll be in Gastonia. Heading out near 4 to go down the interstate a bit and pick up Julia and Ben then to Janice's for our week late Father's Day dinner and return with Brian and Emmy for their week here. Looking forward to that as I will be working in the VBS for our CPC clients, Emmy will be able to attend VBS, and Brian will be a volunteer worker there. First North always does an awesome job with their bible school program I know the kids will have a ball and so will I.

Need to do a little bike time before we hit the road.....

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