Saturday, June 28, 2014


Sunday was a great day with kiddies and all the grands in NC. As planned we picked up and delivered Julia and Ben and brought Emily and Brian home for their week at Camp Carney. It was terrific.

Sadly, VBS at First North was a bust for them.....Brian worked with the 1st grade class and Emmy joined the 6th grade class. Both gave the experience a thumbs down seems the First North kids are not the most outgoing, friendliest group and in both cases no one talked to them but instead remained in clicks with existing friends from that church. I as expected had a ball at CPC VBS!

The decision was made for them to stay home with Thom each morning till I got back at noon and that worked fine. Exhausted from their previous week of cruising they slept in till past 11 most mornings anyway. Full fun days in the pool, playing games, baking and a few crafts thrown in for good measure. Love having them.

We left for Gastonia Thursday early afternoon and united with the Kahns at their neighborhood pool. Later Stefanie, the kids and I drove to Charlotte for an "Upper Club" experience at the Knights baseball game in their new stadium. Very cool!!!! I stayed the night and Friday was spent once again splashing and frolicking with the Kahns. Finally late afternoon I took Brian and Emmy to their dad's, loaded up Julia and Ben and drove them to meet their mom down by the Georgia ride (love those kids).

Back in my own bed with a "no guest" house felt fine.

As for Thom, he spent the entire week building the looks amazing!!!! Can't wait till it's finished.

News for the week......Steve's grandmother passed away on Thursday so he, Janice, Livvy and Brady are on their way to Connecticut for the funeral. It was sudden and sad. Also Thursday Ryan had a car accident resulting in broken ribs and a punctured lung. Painful and uncomfortable but he should recover fine. Appreciate all the prayers from friends.

Got to get busy putting my house back together.....

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