Sunday, June 29, 2014

Much To Celebrate......

Good to be back in the Lord's house this morning. Thom taught SS so it was extra his classes.

I pretty much spent my day inside finishing chores and stewing tomatoes.....gonna be a bumper crop this year! The clouds held the rain so Thom was out screwing down the deck boards for hours. We met in the pool at 3 to relax a bit and are preparing for our church 4th of July feast ....just an hour away.

Ryan has had his chest tube removed and has been discharged....answered prayer! His girlfriend as well as her cousin are on the road to recovery as well.

Last evening we attended a premiere showing of the new Dinesh D'Souza film "America, imagine a world without her". Great movie.....informative and challenging as it covers the left's apologetic and degrading view of our great nation and exposes the truth behind the lies they propagate. Hoping it will be a box office hit as that is the means by which many will be enlightened regarding America's inevitable destruction if this political direction is allowed to continue. We are so far from the intended nation of our founders! Let's take our USA back!

Off to the FLC for burgers, dogs and patriotic songs......

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