Friday, July 4, 2014

The Freedom To Be Me......

Another week has flown by. Thom has spent every waking, non-golfing moment constructing the new deck. Of course there have been other pop up issues to commandeer his time as well .....a major leak under the shed and repairs on the boat motor just to name two. Despite distractions and incredible heat he has managed near completion of this project and it looks amazing. Only the decorative lattice is left. We have decided to hire a professional painter to strip and repaint the upper deck area and stairway as well as paint the new wood. Hopefully that won't be long in coming and we'll be enjoying our new space soon! I anxiously await hunting for outdoor furniture and parking my pool soaked body in a lounge chair after a refreshing dip!

My scheduled mission day and CPC commitments filled my week. Last evening we had our pastor and Jan for dinner and Sequence. Always a fun time.

Bringing us to this 4th of July......chores and hopefully some relaxation on the agenda with fireworks tonight either at the Holly Springs FD or Anderson Mill Church......not decided yet.

Taking time for sure to offer prayers of thanks for this mighty nation. May the Lord continue to watch over the USA......

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