Saturday, August 30, 2014

Double Days.....

Thursday was a house cleaning day with a walk thrown in for good measure.

Friday was tripped to Gastonia. We spent most of the day at my mother's and aunts just hanging. Thom had a few glitches to help my aunt work out on her new vehicle but that was about it. No hard labor this trip. We all gathered at the Kahns for dinner and Stefanie picked up the deep dish n her way home from work. Lots of laughs around the table before we traveled home at about 8:30.

The Kahns added a new member to their family.....Melvil Dewey, a sweet kitten who had made the library parking lot his home. Janice scooped him up and after a complete checkup at the vet he joined the clan....a cutie!

A morning ahead preparing for the Wylie visit this afternoon....back in the pool.....yippee!

Summer sun ahead.....

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