Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Politics And Prayer.....

Mission morning yesterday and a mixed bag of activity for the afternoon.

Last night however, was a bit unique. We were invited to a US Senator Tim Scott event being held in Greer. Our US Congressman Trey Gowdy was also on the dais and we were excited to attend and listen to them speak. There were approximately 200-300 people present and we enjoyed a yummy buffet along with inspiring speeches. We are so blessed to have such godly, intelligent representation in this state. Of course we sat with Alexia and crossed paths with a few familiar faces. I guess we are becoming semi-regulars on the political circuit!

Today was a good golf day for Thom and a challenging day for me at CPC. Some clients are dealing with tough and serious life issues.....tugs at my heart and weighs on my mind.

Before finally getting home I met Thom at the boat launch where the repair guy towed the pontoon out of the water. I hope it is back in service soon, I have lots of company plans for the upcoming cooler weather that include pontoon rides for our guests. Glad it finally made it to the least that step is done.

Prayer meeting and a sweet end to the day.....

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