Monday, August 25, 2014

Gosh, It's Monday.....

It was a quiet Saturday. We needed to stay close to home hoping for a phone call from the "boat guy" to schedule a pickup. No luck....a nice day none the less.

Sunday was busier but carried the same "stand by for the call" requirement. Our new youth minister was approved at worship service and prior to the vote there was a "meet and greet" which replaced early church. SS stayed the same but the day seemed a bit upside down and we didn't get home till near 1 o'clock.

I attended a mid-afternoon baby shower for sweet little Banks.....she is slightly over a month old and has reached 3 lb. 13 oz.. Such a tiny fighter! Hopefully she will be home soon.

Thrilled to hear that Brandi was baptized at evening service at her church. Sorry we had to miss it but praying God will bless her.

Another home day of stewing tomatoes (likely the last full batch of the season) and reorganizing closets while Thom did yard work. We took Divot for a walk and have concluded she can't handle the aftermath of 2 miles any longer. She is on meds for her arthritis but still the stiffness and pain sets in.....poor thing.

Thom triked to a CPC Board of Directors meeting. I chilled.....

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