Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Almost Banquet Time.....

Thom enjoyed an extra day of golf and hit the links after taking Divot for a follow up appointment at the vet. Her ear infection has improved and the benadryl is helping her allergies. The doctor recommended we limit her walks to 15-20 minutes when the weather is appropriate......guess our 2 mile treks with her have come to an end. The exercise definitely helps her arthritis but too much can do her in.....bummer getting old for dogs as well as humans!

I spent the day at Miracle Hill. Early morning I helped in Becky's office and at 11:00 I joined a few others from the banquet committee in the conference room doing table item preparation. I headed home about 2:00 and tackled home chores the remainder of the day.

Odds and ends tonight as Thom prepares to preach at prayer meeting tomorrow.....

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