Thursday, September 4, 2014


Folks connected to CPC grow very close. I love many of them like family so it was heart wrenching to hear of the untimely death of a close friend of the ministry.

His name was Wade, a 45 year old man who was sweet, friendly and one of the most Christ-loving people I have met. While he wasn't really a "friend" he was a precious acquaintance. When there was work to be done at the center he was there to pitch in.  Many times he was by Thom's side constructing, assembling or moving ......what ever labor was required.

CPC closed for the afternoon yesterday as the staff and a few volunteers attended a memorial at a church close to Wade's heart. It was a touching and moving service. He is with the Lord and in peace.....a true comfort to those who loved and will miss him.

Thom presided over our Wednesday prayer meeting last night and gave an excellent presentation. As is his habit when he teaches the scripture is always germane to our daily lives and last night was no different. He focused on the apathy of today's church and the disengagement of the modern Christian from current political and social issues. Praying he moved a few hearts and minds to action.

Our Thursday was uneventful but productive.

Busy, busy days ahead......

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