Sunday, September 7, 2014


Friday and Saturday we were blessed beyond measure as we attended the Truth for a New Generation Apologetics Conference in Spartanburg. Near 1500 people crammed into First Baptist Spartanburg to attend break our sessions and sanctuary classes on a variety of subjects. We learned from knowledgeable and inspirational speakers who addressed topics relative to Christian living in today's secular world.

We dined yesterday with Fox News commentator and cultural columnist Todd Starnes. Thom and I had been privileged to meet him once before and we actually got a time of one on one conversation....nice guy, staunch believer and defender of the faith from the onslaught of political correctness. He spoke at the luncheon and was quite the motivator.

The day closed with Ben Carson!!! Holy Cow......he was my vote! Christian conservative, intelligent, thoughtful, talented and on target with all relevant issues that concern those who love this country and are sickened by it's decline. Not only did he possess the right viewpoint (opposing the current administrations policies) but had concrete and workable solutions to complex issues (which he shared).  Wow!

I taught the 1st and 2nd grade SS class this morning. It was so fun....perfect age for learning.

Ready for company to enjoy the final pool day here at Camp Carney.....

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