Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh My Goodness, It's Thursday......

Quick week!

Tuesday was my Miracle Hill day. Becky had a tour come through and a CPC friend was among the group. The "555 Giving Club" is a charitable organization comprised of members who donate $555 annually which is then divided among a number of local non profit organizations. I've been invited to join and hopefully will not have a scheduling conflict when their next meeting is planned in October. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday was busy at CPC. Between clients everyone was occupied with chores and assignments related to Saturday's golf tournament. I zoomed home at 4;30, changed clothes and Thom and I returned to Spartanburg to work the sweet tea and lemonade table at the 2014 Pray Back youth rally. Hundreds of youth from local churches filled the Christian Supply parking lot and enjoyed a live praise band and joined together in prayer for the coming school year. Definitely gives me hope for the next generation.

We finally got home about 9.....pooped!

Sweet day today as I met with my long time and precious friend Blanche for a long overdue lunch and catch up visit. We sat on the porch at Village Green golf course enjoying a Dickey's lunch and 3 hours of conversation! So shameful that I let so much time slip by will not happen again. Thom and I got back to our 2.5 mile walk later in the afternoon and had just a light dinner. Baked 3 trays of peanut butter brownies for the tournament and now I am so ready for bed.

Loving this life God has blessed me with.....

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