Sunday, September 21, 2014

Awesome Days.....

Top to bottom cleaning, laundry, ironing and a variety of other chores filled Friday. Never left home.

Saturday we were up by 7:00 and out the door for the CPC golf tournament by 8:30. What a fun, amazing, crazy, busy day! The players didn't start arriving till noon but preparations started as soon as we pulled into the parking lot and took every moment of our allotted time. I shared the player registration table with Phyllis and although hectic we loved meeting the participants and upselling the perks. There were 23 teams of 4 so we were hopping till tee time at 1:00 o'clock. While the players were on the course there was still much to do and not many quiet moments were available. The last 90 minutes Elizabeth and I manned the 9th hole where a car was being awarded for a hole-in-one. Later we rode the cart path collecting signage and posters and other CPC paraphernalia. The last bit of stuff was loaded by 8 o'clock.....long day but fantastic! Thom's was actually longer as he drove down to the CPC office to help unload . He got in about 9.

Great messages at both early and evening service today. Between church and church we spent a super terrific time at Carson's birthday party at a small park in Spartanburg. Star Wars was the theme and Colleen had envisioned a Jedi Training Camp theme with a variety of skill stations for each child to experience and qualify. Thom and I created a few and we helped out as the kids went through the challenges. Lots of hard work on her part (and of course Mike too) but it was a wonderful success and the kids had a blast!

Must admit to to bed.....

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