Thursday, September 25, 2014

Almost A Week......

It has been a busy few days.

 Monday was catch up.

Tuesday I attended a class at CPC led by a job counselor at the local labor department. I hoped it would be helpful in being equipped with useful information to share with my clients and it was. A stop at Miracle Hill and then home.

 Wednesday was a full client load at CPC and a late arrival back at Camp Carney. Not to worry....always leftovers to reheat.  Prayer meeting and bedtime.

All these days Thom has been busy with golf and whatever spare time available he is working on his curriculum for the two upcoming classes he is slated to teach. Lots of brain strain!

Seasonal clothes swap today and some outdoor jobs for both of us. Big doings tonight at Dickey's BBQ where we will be attending a town hall meeting with Trey Gowdy and others. It should be interesting and informative. Plus the food is so yummy there!

Time to cleanup and ready for the event......

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