Sunday, September 28, 2014

Paint Prep.....

Sweet end to the week. We had expected the painter to have begun work on Friday so I arranged to spend the day and overnight in Gastonia. His plans changed but mine did not. It was such a fun time. I spent Friday morning with my mother and a brief hello to my aunt before enjoying some kid-less time with Stefanie over a super delicious lunch. From there to a full afternoon with the Kahns and Tarantinos, out to IHOP for dinner then game time back at the house. Great to have all 6 kiddies in one place.....noisy and hilarious at times. Midnight walk and late to bed. Up early and back at home by lunch.

Work and organizing the rest of Saturday. Wonderful preaching at Homecoming service this morning followed by a huge buffet at the FLC. We dedicated the new extension to our gymnasium and new youth rooms.....home at almost 2 p.m.! We managed a nice walk and undecorated the kitchen in anticipation of the painter's 8 a.m. arrival tomorrow. Going to be a challenging two weeks while he paints from ceiling to floor and all the cabinets in both the kitchen and downstairs bath......want to be absent from the abode as often as possible!

Ready for a bit of TV then sleep.....

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