Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sick Day.....

We set the alarm to be up early and clear the kitchen of breakfast fixings......there was no need. Our painter called at 7:15 to let us know he was sick and wouldn't be able to work. Ugh. Weird day....rainy and a bit depressing outside. True to my plan however I spent the entire day upstairs wrapping the second wave of Christmas presents ..... 40 or so gifts. From there I went on to begin my cards while I watched TV. Almost ready!

Marvin came this morning at 8:30 and work began. I left for Miracle Hill shortly after his arrival and with the introduction of a wealth of new forms and paperwork spent nearly 5 hours at the mission reorganizing. Thom stayed at the house to be available if needed. We took a nice walk and enjoyed Chinese for dinner.

 The downstairs is a disaster with kitchen appliances etc. strewn in every room. The coffee pot and peanut butter (necessities of life) are now located in the upstairs bathroom! Every surface in both kitchen and bath are covered with plastic tarp and the fragrance of ceiling paint lingers in the air. Oh well, the inconvenience will be worth it I'm sure.

Just plain tired tonight. Think I'll run upstairs to the bathroom and get a cup of coffee.......

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