Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Month In Review.....

Hard to believe a month has past since my last post. Knowing my sweet in-laws were offline it was easy for me to get lazy and neglect these little essays on daily life here at Camp Carney. But, I have returned and will set out to present a brief over view of the last 30 days events.

- Thom returned to Florida and retrieved my mother and aunt. They took the 2 day option for their return and arrived safely.
- We have celebrated many birthdays. Tristen Grace and Teagan shared a pool party at the YMCA, Thomas turned 12 without much hurrah, Brady and Ben celebrated with a full family get together on Nov. 1st and Emmy and Brian did the same for their birthdays the following Saturday. Between those 2 dates we enjoyed Chinese at the Bishops to share Lylah's turning 5 years old. Busy birthday season!
-Thom has been teaching a SS class for new members as well as a small group class on Sunday evenings teaching SS teachers how, what and why they teach. He has also been busy with men's dinners at church, beginning preparations for this years Bethlehem Walk and fulfilling his obligations as CPC Board member (which he absolutely loves!). 
- I have been occupied with CPC activities and projects at the rescue mission. I've been charged with putting into motion a "Promise Point" program for Miracle Hill residents to earn and redeem points to obtain Christmas items at an onsite store at the shelter. Creating the means, logistics and products for this endeavor has been both fun and challenging.    
In between I've baked and decorated 4 birthday cakes: a golf ball cake, an Animal Planet logo cake, a trumpet cake and a "9 round" fitness center logo cake. The kids loved them and I loved that they loved them!
-Bunches of trips to Gastonia, walks with Divot and assorted miscellaneous stuff.
- Our kitchen and downstairs bath look great with the new coat of paint. It took some time and lots of shopping but the rooms are now fully decorated and I am so happy to be "wallpaperless". 

That about sums it up. 

Life is good. We are so abundantly blessed.

Glad to be back......

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