Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week's End.......

Thom was a busy bee around the house. The weather took a winter like turn so it was time for inside jobs that had been set aside for colder days.

I headed to Gastonia for a post school day afternoon with Olivia and Brady. Leaving earlier then necessary I made time to do some Christmas shopping and meet up with Stefanie for an IHOP lunch. Sweet time together before getting the kiddies off the bus. 

The little ones and I went to Mighty Dollar to choose a basket load of holiday decorations for the boat. Stefanie's birthday celebration this year will be combined with the Lyman Lake Christmas Flotilla. We have never participated before and are looking forward to a frigid but fun trip around the lake with lots of boats clad in their holiday garb.

My mother and aunt shared a pizza supper at the Kahns and I set out for home.

Great day.....

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