Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Generous Shoppers......

The Promise Point store was again doing business at Miracle Hill this morning and once again we saw the true meaning of Christmas evident in the clients. Two men came in with the maximum points allowed and purchased toys which they planned to deliver to a
collection location for the Toys for Tots campaign. What a praise report!

Laundry and chores for the afternoon. I am so far behind. Thom returned from golf and we donned our holiday duds and joined a group of friends from church at the swanky Piedmont Club for their
fancy-dancy Christmas feast. The food was amazing ( at least a weeks worth of calories at one sitting) and the company was joyful. Christmas carolers, Santa, funny stories and loads of laughter.....Christian fellowship at it's best.

Ready for bed. Bread and water diet on the horizon.....

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