Monday, December 15, 2014

Endless Line....

Final tally was approximately 4000 hearing the Good News of the Savior's arrival in Bethlehem! What a blessing!

Last night was another late one and by 10:15 we were all a bit slap happy and the final few groups were privy to lots of laughter and fellowship among the shop keepers. The town closed for the season shortly before 11 p.m. and the exhausted townsfolk headed home.

Thom was back there this morning for the dismantling of the major scenes and to pack up the contents of the salt shop. I set some chicken noodle soup to simmer in the crock pot and enjoyed it for lunch with my friend Nancy. She delivered items for the Miracle Hill store and we chatted and took a nice walk.

Being spoiled tonight with dinner and Sequence at Debra and Greg's house. Love not having to cook and costume!

Maybe a quick nap for us two old folk before freshening and heading out.....

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