Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tasks And Treats......

My sweet, kind and handy hubby traveled to Gastonia for the day to catch up on repairing my mother and aunt's list of household glitches. He set off early and returned by dinner time having accomplished much.

I barely left the kitchen (except for a grocery run) and worked all day on Christmas treats. Pinterest is a source of so many cute and quirky ideas. They all are easy enough but surprisingly time consuming. I made Rudolphs out of Nutter Butters and snowmen from frosted donuts. Hopefully they'll add a holiday lift to the other more traditional (though scrumptious) desserts. Preparing goodies for Christmas Eve at Colleen's, Christmas morning at TJ's, Christmas dinner at Stefanie's and Kahn Christmas at Janice's is quite the undertaking!

Time for a bit of stationery biking followed by a relaxing shower.
Day is ready to be done........

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