Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taking A Stand.....

Friday morning we hit the road for Columbia, SC with our little band of staff and volunteers from CPC . Thom was the token male for the day doing all the heavy lifting and moving as our hardworking team of 8 set about decorating the banquet hall for 400 guests. South Carolina Citizens for Life was hosting their annual event and our delegation from Spartanburg was charged with adding beauty and charm to the basic restaurant surroundings. I must admit the room looked amazing when we left to check into our hotel. A quick fancy up and back again for the festivities (followed by the cleanup). 

The speaker was awesome. She was an abortion survivor who, at 7 months gestation, her mother had chosen to kill. It was a complicated and moving story destined to sway any "pro-choice" supporter to reconsider their position. 

Near 11 o'clock we all gathered in our comfy clothes (with 5 or so additional friends) in the hotel library where we laughed and ate and had a great time.

We reunited for breakfast. Some of the group needed to leave but some (including us) participated in the "Rally for Life" march to the SC Statehouse where likely one or two thousand people (maybe more) listened to speakers and offered prayer for the change of abortion legislation.  

A long ride home and unpacked. Undecided as to our evening plans prior to the Panther game. Would love to hear one of my favorite Christian groups sing at Alexia's church in Roebuck but a touch of laziness and Thom's aching back see me leaning to a recliner night.

We'll see......

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