Thursday, January 8, 2015


Super busy day at CPC yesterday. Sweet clients in morning and afternoon with ministry errands between. In this super cold weather when I finally got home about 5 p.m. it was time for dinner, comfy clothes and enjoying the crackling fire.

Thom actually had 11 insane guys join him at the course in the morning and they played a round with frozen fingertips. Nuts if you ask me.
I hit the floor running this morning. A mammogram appointment at 8 a.m. then off to Miracle Hill. A labor intensive few hours as I emptied the Promise Point Store of Christmas items and began reworking the space for our regular products. Bags and boxes went into storage so we already have a head start on next years offerings.
Made it home by afternoon and we made a Walmart run. Lots of chores to catch up on.....the boring stuff.

Ready for time to work on my bible study as I'll head upstairs when the hockey game starts. 

Thom sleeping in his recliner again tonight to keep Divot company so she can stay warm and toasty in her kitchen lounger.

Pets are family too......

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