Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Begins......

We barely made it to midnight on the 31st and sleep came much later as the fireworks continued till almost 1 a.m.. These folks are nuts.

New Years day was about as non-holiday as it gets. Thom left home very early to spend the day in Rock Hill assisting T.J. with his home improvement projects. The Carney Jr.s  have gutted the kitchen and are remodeling, rewiring and re-plumbing the entire room. T.J. is a clone of his dad and they make a remarkable pair of handymen!

This morning we ran errands and got in a walk before the rains came. Sadly, a long time friend's wife past away and we went late afternoon to pay our respects. It was like homecoming at the mortuary with many past postal acquaintances in attendance. It was sweet to see them but unfortunate that the circumstances for the reunion were so mournful. 

Late dinner at IHOP and home for a bit of TV......

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