Friday, February 20, 2015


Thom spent most of Thursday with tools in hand hard at work. I did what I could to help out. 

We ended the work day early to pick up some additional lumber and nails before heading to Becky's house. Thom (being his own sweet self) had volunteered to mount and install her new microwave oven. Unfortunately it was a more complicated endeavor than anticipated but as usual he got the job done. 

We had decided to leave Divot in the kitchen to avoid the frigid temperatures. She was blocked in by chairs in the doorways but apparently that did not do the job. We deduced that she hunted through the house looking for us to let her out to go potty......having no luck finding us, she left a poop trail through the upstairs hallway and in our bedroom. In addition she managed a pee trail through the living room! What a mess! We cleaned the upstairs carpet well enough but not sure about the living room yet. Thom worked hard on it but there may be hardwood in our future!

This morning was Miracle Hill for me. Becky had a doctor appointment so I spent the a.m. in her office scanning files and doing paperwork while she was gone. I met Nancy for lunch and afterward delivered our toddler bed and other little kid stuff to her house for her 15 month old grandson to use when visiting. Glad to have found a good home for these treasures.

Thom stayed focused on construction but mid-afternoon Steve sent a text asking if we could pick up Julia and Ben at Exit 19 on I85. His meetings in Asheville were running late. No problem. We ate dinner and got on the road toward Georgia to be at the appointed spot at 7:15. Arrived home about 8:30 kids in tow. Enjoyed their company playing games till their dad retrieved them about 10:00. 

Tuckered from a long and diversified day. Thank You Lord for so many blessings......

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