Monday, February 23, 2015

Blue Collar Day......

Thom's days have been monopolized by our conversion project and other than church services yesterday and a few Lowes runs he has remained upstairs diligently at work.

I haven't ventured far from home either. Unfortunately I can be of very little assistance to him so I have been occupying myself with my own list. Not very exciting though and most of what I accomplish is relatively boring.....oh well, my turn to be creative will come.

We were expecting the hardwood floor representative to come this morning to measure and provide a cost estimate but that was delayed till Thursday. I set off for a haircut at 9 a.m. and returned to find Thom preparing to head to CPC to rescue them from another plumbing problem and flooding toilets. He returned for lunch and some more laboring but will soon be off again to CPC for a board of directors meeting.

Quiet afternoon for me.....some reading and a dog walk......

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