Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Out And Busy.......

A smattering of snowflakes closed the schools here in Spartanburg yesterday. Quite humorous for a northern transplant. Kind of a lost day for me but productive for Thom.

Today was a different story. Up early and off to CPC for a full day of client appointments and office work filling the bits of down time and lunch break. Thom was also there in the morning to work on the plumbing problems. I didn't get home till after 5 so a quickly prepared dinner was the only option for us hungry folks.

Mega snowfall predicted for tomorrow (around here that usually means an inch or two!) and the schools have already announced their plans to close. Thom is prepared, having already purchased and hauled home the sheet rock for the upstairs rooms this afternoon. I can help with that work so tomorrow I can feel more useful. The rooms should take on their real form by the end of the day.

Not much to stay awake for so off to bed....

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