Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Changes In Store......

Ice covered roads pretty much shut down all of Spartanburg resulting in a day at home. A conversation began between Thom and I about the desire to change up the"exercise/play" room and how to get our desired result. 

My one regret after building this home was the choice to combine the 2 small bedrooms on the original blueprint into one larger area. It has morphed into a non-decorated, no-style conglomeration of furniture, gym equipment, toys and just stuff. Well, I am joyful over the decision to revisit the house design and divide the rooms! Admittedly they will be small.....10'x10' approximately but I am certain we will love it. We'll retain the guest room as it is; one new room will hold the bike, treadmill, my desk and craft cabinet; in the other we plan to put a sofa looking daybed/trundle, computer desk, TV and bookshelf (a den type room). With planning I think it all will fit. Alterations at Camp Carney are rare but I guess every 15 years we can change things up!

Thom has been busy checking out supplies and making plans for the job.....it will be a big project but he is up to the challenge. I've begun looking online for furnishing ideas.

Strange what can result from cabin fever......

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