Monday, February 16, 2015

First Storm......

We have never been big "Valentine's Day" people and this year was no exception. I received a beautiful card and a gift certificate for a Sam's pizza dinner and a large bag of frozen strawberries. I gave Thom a card and "American Sniper", a book I thought he would enjoy. We headed to Spartanburg for a few errands but traffic was crazy and after a stop or two we just came home and I concocted a new Pinterest recipe for was delicious.

After worship and SS yesterday we got on the highway to Gastonia and spent some time at Janice and Steve's before enjoying a fundraiser spaghetti meal at Southminster followed by a congregation talent show. Olivia and Brady were part of the entertainment: singing ,dancing and doing little skits with the kids group. Very cute. The Tarantinos also came for the meal and performance and we all went back to the Kahns for the rest of the evening. 

Thom traveled home in my mother's car attempting to clock enough miles to have it pass inspection as well as saving Divot from a frigid evening. I slept overnight to watch over Olivia and Brady today while their parents were off working and they were enjoying school being closed for President's Day. My duties were cut short by weather concerns and the kiddies joined Brian and Emmy at Stefanie's by early afternoon. 

Returned home before the sleet and ice began. Forecast for wintry mix to continue through the night.....schools already closed for tomorrow. 

Thom getting frustrated already with the Ranger/Islander game. 

Think I'll relax with a good read and hope the power stays on.....

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